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10-02-2021, 02:45 AM
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10-02-2021, 02:36 AM
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  Treat your employees as you ...
Posted by: umbrix - 10-02-2021, 02:51 AM - Forum: Everyday motivational phrases - No Replies

Treat your employees as you would like your bosses to treat you. ?

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  Life only goes on with transgressions, you must ...
Posted by: umbrix - 10-02-2021, 02:48 AM - Forum: Everyday motivational phrases - No Replies

Life only goes on with transgressions, you must transcend your regret, transcend your defeat, and transcend some people too... ?!!

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  Do you want to continue your relationship with others??
Posted by: umbrix - 10-02-2021, 02:47 AM - Forum: Everyday motivational phrases - No Replies

Do you want to continue your relationship with others??
You have to master the "art of distances".
0 is the distance between the earth and the sun
Protected the universe from burning and freezing..
0 and the space between the word and the word is that
It made us read and understand what we write.

0 and the distance between the car and the other car
She kept them safe
and prevent them from colliding.
q Adjust distances and their precise geometry
She produced a wonderful universe.
For this,, until your life becomes wonderful and continues
Your relationship with others and do not clash with anyone
Love ,
You have to leave a distance and count your steps
Strictly, don't get too far and don't get too close
too much ..
These carefully calculated steps do not mean
Vanity never, as far as the desire to
Continuing the relationship and respect.. respect..
Everyone has flaws, mistakes, and actions
Reactions and words that only appear when you get close
from him ,,
It can hurt or leave a trace without
To feel it, because of raising the cost and the presence of
This distance is very close...
For the beautiful to remain beautiful, start from
Now mastering the art of distances to make your life happy
And the lives of those around you.

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  Not because you are right means ...
Posted by: umbrix - 10-02-2021, 02:45 AM - Forum: Everyday motivational phrases - No Replies

Not because you are right means that I am wrong and not because I am right means that you are wrong, each of us has a different point of view and way of thinking from the other, you are not obliged to agree with me, but I am obliged to respect the other opinion ?

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  Stephen Covey's 10 Golden Commandments ♥️
Posted by: umbrix - 10-02-2021, 02:44 AM - Forum: Everyday motivational phrases - No Replies

Stephen Covey's 10 Golden Commandments ♥️
1- People are irrational and only care about their interests. Love them anyway
2. If you do good people will accuse you of having ulterior motives, do good anyway
3. If you succeed, you will win fake friends and true enemies, succeed anyway
4. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow, do the good anyway
5. Honesty and openness make you...
subject to criticism, be honest and frank anyway
6. The greatest men and women with the greatest ideas can be stopped by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds, I have great ideas anyway
7. People love the weak but they follow the arrogant, strive for the weak anyway
8. What you spend years building may collapse overnight, son anyway
9. People are in desperate need of help but may attack you if you help them, help them anyway
10. If you give the world your best, some will retaliate. Give the world your best anyway
Go about whatever work you want to do without paying attention to people and their view of what you do

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  Maintaining the top is more difficult than reaching it
Posted by: umbrix - 10-02-2021, 02:43 AM - Forum: Everyday motivational phrases - No Replies

Maintaining the top is more difficult than reaching it

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  Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki
Posted by: umbrix - 10-02-2021, 02:41 AM - Forum: Everyday motivational phrases - No Replies

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki is a financial literacy book. It offers a whole range of sound and beneficial principles for living better and more effectively when it comes to

Money, personal finances, and advice from the Rich Dad Poor Dad book
To date, more than 30 million copies of this book have been sold
20 quotes from "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert T Kiyosaki
Often in the real world, it's not the smart who move forward, but the bold
People who dream small dreams live as little people
Unfortunately for many people, school is the end, not the beginning
If you avoid failure, you also avoid success - Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki
I have found that the more you teach to those who want to learn, the more you will learn
In today's rapidly changing world, what you know no longer matters, because what you know is often outdated. It's the speed at which you learn. This skill is invaluable. is the most important
A mistake is a sign that it's time to learn something new, something you didn't know before
The winning strategy should include the probability of losing
As long as you blame someone or something and see it as the source of your problems... you won't solve the problems
Whatever the working class has to do, the rich don't. This is my message
Rich starts with the right mindset, the right words, and the right plan
Excuses cost a dime and that's why poor people can afford so much
The returns are small despite the huge efforts in the beginning, but the returns can be huge with minimal effort over time
If you move, even the fire won't hurt you... If you're standing, near the fire, even though you're not in the fire, the heat will eventually reach you
If you are not a brand, you are a commodity
If you want to be rich, simply serve more people
In today's fast-changing world, the people who don't take risks are the ones who take risks
Most people choose to stay the same all their lives
It is more important to increase your income than reduce your expenses. It is more important to grow your soul than to cut your dreams
Losers stop when they fail...winners when they succeed

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  How to become a positive person
Posted by: umbrix - 10-02-2021, 02:39 AM - Forum: Human development topics - No Replies

positive personality
A positive personality in life is a loving and attractive personality, because the owner of this character spreads positive energy and optimism in life, which affects his personality, and others as well, and charges them in a constructive manner that pushes them to overcome obstacles, move forward towards achieving ambitions, and not pay attention to back, except to take advantage of what happened, even if it was a bad thing. So, positivity helps a person to build himself and his relationships with others, so building oneself is through self-development through education, work, maintaining health, and religion. The human character was positive, he would not stop at difficulties, but would move forward and nothing would stop him, so how do you become a positive person?
How to have a positive personality
There are several things that may benefit a person wishing to enjoy a positive personality, which are tips that a person should follow, take into account in his personal life and his life with people, and always develop himself on the basis of it, and proceed gradually, until he reaches the desired result, which are as follows:
change the way of thinking
A person who wants to enjoy a positive personality, must first change his way of thinking about life, and try to plant positive thoughts in his mind, and develop them day after day, until they become part of his mentality, and thus this is reflected in all his actions in life, and also affects his nature, and change the characteristics of his personality for the better.
leave sadness
It came in the book (Do not be sad) by Dr. Ayed Al-Qarni saying: “Make a sweet drink from lemon.” This phrase has a wonderful meaning and meaning, in converting losses into profits. If someone gives you a cup of sour lemon, add a handful of sugar to it, and make it A sweet drink, and if someone gives you a snake, take its precious skin and leave the rest, and so on, and then represent the positive meanings of the master of mankind and the great nation of our master Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, as he was expelled from his country and his birthplace of Mecca, and he established in Medina a great state, which became A major capital of the Islamic nation, through which the Islamic religion was spread, and it is still spreading, and the number of entrants to it is increasing until this time.
Boost self-confidence
A person must have confidence in himself, believe in his personality, and that he is a successful person, and that any loss that passes him in his life is nothing but experiences, and experiences that must help him to rise again to achieve the success he seeks, so he does not stop at the losses, but on him stand up again, even if it is necessary to start over from scratch; This is life, and a person only learns from his mistakes, failures, and setbacks, and these are the best meanings of positivity in life, because standing at failure and loss is one of the characteristics of a negative person, who is not confident in himself. Among the phrases that enhance a person’s self-confidence are the following phrases: (I love myself, I admire my personality, I am intelligent, I am successful, I am likable, I can, I am capable, etc.).
Be certain that with hardship comes ease
A person must know that, by God Almighty’s permission, after his hunger he will be satisfied, and after his staying up late he will sleep, and after his illness he will recover, and that the absent will inevitably arrive, and that the lost will be guided, and that the darkness will be cleared, and that the day will be manifested. And that there is a need for safety after fear, and tranquility after fear, and that the best worship of God Almighty is waiting for relief, and that, as the Almighty said: “With hardship comes ease.” (Surat Al-Sharh, Verse: 6).
Believing that the dream will come true
A person must know that nothing is impossible, and that his dreams are possible, and that they must be realized one day, so he must be optimistic and stay away from pessimism, despair, and frustrations, and this is the life of the great people who started from scratch and achieved the impossible, and read the biography of each of them, and contemplate And he contemplates them well, and tries to take them as an example, and follow their example in life, and he will know through that that they have not reached what they are except because they are positive people, who were not stopped by obstacles, whatever they were, in order to achieve their goal, and there is no evidence for that from the biography of the prophets and messengers, and the biography of Companions, biography of scholars, biography of writers, biography of heroes, biography of leaders, and others.
good faith in people
A person has to think well of people, receive their words and actions in a positive way, have a good opinion of them, and do not always doubt others, believing that they like him, or compliment him, or are hostile to him. In his place at every saying, and every situation.
Babysitting positive people
We also mentioned that there are people who spread positive energy, and others spread negative energy, and man, by nature, is affected by those around him from the people he associates with and accompanies them; Therefore, a person has to choose from people who are positive to accompany him and accompany him, in order to help him on the mountain of his positive personality, and to inspire optimism in him permanently and continuously.
The existence of the goal The person should define his goal, or goals in life, which he seeks to reach, so that there is a meaning to his life, because thinking about those goals and trying to reach them, and working on it, is the true meaning of positivity; A positive person in life is an active, energetic, and constantly on the move person who seeks to reach his ambitions despite the obstacles and problems he faces.
Attention to positive health is not only personal, but must also be reflected on the human body. regular exercise, and exercise in general).
communication with people
We talked about the necessity of babysitting positive people, but this does not mean that a person abandons dealing with people, he must be a social person, and communicate with people continuously, so that he knows the types of people And their way of thinking, and distinguishes the good from the bad, and therefore is not surprised by their attitudes and behavior with him in the future, and turns into a negative person who hates people, and is always wary of them. .
contemplate the beauty of life
Let the person reflect on all that is beautiful in this life, and try to turn away from the negative things; A safe life, good health, people’s friendship, the existence of a family, the beauty of nature and the universe all indicate the beauty of the life we live, and that it deserves contemplation and contemplation, and thus the creation of a positive spirit in man.
Devotion to God Almighty
Getting closer to God through acts of worship, through performing the duties and supererogatory deeds, such as prayer, fasting, remembrance of God Almighty always, and turning to Him in supplication, all of this generates in the person reassurance, and lasting comfort, which will be reflected on his personality, and increases his certainty that all things are in the hands of God Almighty, and that God only wants good for him and goodness for himself, and if he does not find that at once, it will become clear to him after a while. In conclusion, I say that the positivity in life is not limited to the self, or the self, but a person must deal with the people around him on this basis. The positive person is positive with himself and with others.

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  How to become a strong leader and develop your leadership skills
Posted by: umbrix - 10-02-2021, 02:37 AM - Forum: Human development topics - No Replies

How to become a strong leader and develop your leadership skills
Leadership skills can play a big role in career development. You often have the technical skills yet. To help you move forward in your business, you need soft skills such as the ability to be a good leader. Therefore, leadership skills are considered to be important traits that can help you reach the top of your business. They are more likely to be hired or get promoted if you have been successful in leadership roles in professional or personal life.

How to become a strong leader and develop your leadership skills

1. Take the initiative
Most bosses have to appoint employees who are good at the tasks they will perform. So, don't wait to take on more responsibilities. And go above and beyond in your current situation. A good way to develop your skills is to take on projects funded from outside your job description. You can provide your scientific and practical experiences with learning more to gain experience, and taking more responsibility helps to advance in a leadership role in your workplace.
2. Critical thinking
The ability to verify assumptions, ideas, whether they are true, bear part of the truth, or are unreal, and may be defined as “reasonable reflective thinking that focuses on what the individual believes or performs,” which is the examination and evaluation of solutions presented in order to make a judgment about the value of the thing. Critical thinking comes at the top of Bloom's pyramid, which is the highest kind of thinking, and from Bloom's point of view, it has the ability to make a judgment according to specific criteria.
3. Listen effectively
One of the most important skills for a leader is listening. Without listening skills, you won't be able to get feedback from others, and get a feel for the projects you're working on among team members. To listen effectively, you need to maintain eye contact, avoid distractions and respond appropriately. Keep in mind, communication is not just about verbal communication. Be aware of body language and gestures to determine what people are really saying.
4. Motivate others
It is directing people in a way that achieves the goals of the organization. This involves the appropriate distribution of resources and the provision of an effective support system. Mentoring requires exceptional skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to motivate people. A critical issue in guidance is to find the right balance between focusing on employee needs and focusing on economic production.
How to become a strong leader and develop your leadership skills
5. Discipline
Discipline is required in order to implement this goal. Even if you have a vision or a good idea, it's useless without discipline. If you want to implement a goal effectively, you need discipline. For example, you and your team want to develop a business plan to attract investors. You had a lot of ideas for a business plan, but there was no discipline in place to ensure that the plan was rehearsed and presented. When the time came to present the proposal, you were not able to properly communicate your goal to the investors. This led to investors retracting their suggestions. To be a good leader, you need to have self-discipline among your team.
6. Continuous learning
Leadership and learning are indispensable, said JFK. When things change quickly, it is important to constantly learn and challenge yourself.
7. How to negotiate
Negotiation in general is a process aimed at reaching acceptable solutions or an agreement that contributes to achieving the interests of two or more parties linked by a common position. Negotiation is a process aimed at reaching a political settlement.
8. Handling disputes
How to deal with difficult people and resolve conflicts. If the employee is not working to give their best or brings a negative attitude at work, have leaders to step up and talk to that person one-on-one. Leaders must be honest. This takes a lot of courage. Always listen to the employee and understand the story before you reach a conclusion.
9. Follow up
Leaders and leaders have to learn to recognize the value of team members, and encourage other team members to learn from them. Learn things you didn't know from someone who specializes in this field.
The bottom line
Good leadership skills are essential for career development. He added that "the key to successful leadership today is influence, not power," said Ken Blanchard. If you want to improve your leadership skills, think about what actions you can take to be more impactful. If you are already a leader, think about how you can influence others.

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  4 steps to becoming an attractive personality
Posted by: umbrix - 10-02-2021, 02:36 AM - Forum: Human development topics - No Replies

Learn how to become an attractive personality
Each of us wants to become attractive, and we do not mean attractive in the sense that his features are beautiful, but we mean attractive in his dealings with others, and the desire of others to deal with him always and wherever he goes, he leaves a good trail and love for others. These are several steps that you must follow in order to become an attractive personality.

1- Get rid of some of the attributes:
In order to become a more attractive person, you must get rid of some of the traits that eliminate his personal attractiveness, but rather eliminate the whole personality. These characteristics are: fear, lack of self-confidence, doubt.
Fear: that is, you become afraid of every new experience you enter, or every new person that circumstances force you to deal with, you must be natural and spontaneous and not be afraid of anything.
Lack of self-confidence: It is to convince your subconscious mind that you cannot accomplish anything and this is a mistake. You must be absolutely certain that you are able to accomplish everything that passes you by, and even prove your success in it as well.
Doubt: It is your lack of confidence in the imam, even if he does not show any behavior that makes you begin to doubt him. This is also a mistake for you not to trust the limit of stupidity and do not doubt the limit of murder, for the best of things are the middle ones.
4 steps to becoming an attractive personality

2- Set your tone and choose your phrases:
You must master the art of talking to others, choose your phrases, and control your tongue.
Only good things come out of your mouth, even if you are angry or anger reaches its limits, tell your imam that you are angry and do not want to continue the conversation now until you calm down. Always try to use phrases of praise for your imam, and we do not mean here hypocrisy, but we mean praise, i.e. be tactful in speaking. That is, you feel from your imam that you care about him and admire his personality and actions. Man by nature prefers the person who appreciates him and gives him his right over the person who does not appreciate his value and his work.
4 steps to becoming an attractive personality

3- Master body language and use it:
You must know that body movements called body language are one of the most influential languages
Ali who is your imam and who you talk to and deal with.
For example, if you greet someone, try to greet them warmly, and if you have known this person before, it is preferable to hug him for a few seconds, as this leaves a good impact on the hearts of others. Studies have shown that people who have relationships and friendships use body language and hugs among themselves. More connected than friends who deal coldly with each other.
4 steps to becoming an attractive personality
4- Use the pleasant surprise technique.
Always try to be different from others in some actions and things. If you express to your friends and those you deal with, how much you love them and your desire to consolidate relations with them.
For example, always plan a pleasant surprise for a friend in order to make him realize your feelings towards him, no matter how small the surprise is.
This makes everyone around you look at you as a friendly person and always want to deal with you and thus become a more attractive personality.

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