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Successful personality and 5 skills to build it
Successful Personal and 5 Skills to Build
Many scientists have been interested in determining the parameters of a successful personality by analyzing the personality of many people;
When the American psychologist (Brian Tracy) conducted a “psychological study” of more than five thousand human samples from various intellectual and social levels, he came to a surprising conclusion that those we can call successful or have a successful “personality” do not exceed only 5% of the population. Total people!
Is being a successful person so difficult?
Or is it a talent that is created with man and cannot be acquired?
In fact, most people depend in building their personality on acting spontaneously without a guideline, if you will, so spontaneity, blind imitation and docility behind the vast majority of society remain the basics in shaping their personality. But with the development of psychology and “psychological studies” and after doing many “personality analysis tests” and relying on “personality analysis” it appeared that: for many samples of people we can say that it is possible, with very simple steps, to form a “successful personality”, strong and influential with ease.
Successful personality in steps
First, the attractive appearance
No two disagree that the first thing that attracts the eye is the elegant and tidy appearance, which is why it is called (the attractive appearance), which is the key to entering hearts and the first step in acquiring a strong and successful “personality”. Taking care of an attractive appearance does not mean that we have the most luxurious types of clothes and accessories, but rather it means mastering the coordination of clothes and colors and taking good care of the cleanliness of our bodies and our good appearance.
Second: Possessing the positive aura affecting the “character”
Each of us has energy that forms an aura surrounding his body and transmits in one way or another what you feel. It is the first indirect connection that reflects your “personality” to those around you. In order to reach a strong positive aura, we must know that the source of this energy is the chakras responsible for emitting energy in its negative or positive form, in turn, with your beliefs, your self-confidence, and the programming of your subconscious mind.
So always be keen to encourage yourself, and always have a positive spirit, and let your eyes be focused on the glass half full in all things, and always remember that there is only one person in your world that you must make sure of its continual happiness and that is (you). When you can give yourself confidence, positivity and happiness, you will give it through your aura to those around you with ease and the strength of your “personality” will be reflected immediately. In addition, positive energy will help you pass “personality tests” with the best results.
Third: time management
We all know that we have twenty-four hours in a day, seven days in a week, and thirty days on average in a month, and none of us is distinguished by having more time. So what sets successful people apart from others in the realm of time? In fact, people who have a successful “personality” do not have thirty hours a day and do not have supernatural abilities that make them not sleep enough or not enjoy their time with their family or friends,
They just did something very clever and simple which is good time management. Organizing our time gives us enough time to increase our knowledge and communicate with those around us with ease and carry out all our duties without any cost or pressure, and all these things give the “personality” confidence and success.
Fourth: Be a good listener and an excellent talker
I meant to mention listening before speaking; God Almighty created for us two ears and one mouth, so listening well to those around you reflects your confidence in yourself by respecting their speech. As always, every action has a reaction. The more you are a good listener, the more they are good listeners to you, and this gives you the opportunity to practice your speaking skills and your skill in choosing expressive, powerful and impactful words.
Linguistic intelligence is important in these matters, (read the article on Linguistic Intelligence) and certainly your good listening and creativity in good, purposeful speech will lead you to the highest levels of the language of dialogue beloved by everyone and will give you the trait of a “successful personality” and a strong one.
Fifth: mastering the use of body language
Have you ever thought about persuading someone or communicating an idea or message without saying a word? Can you succeed?
Here, the importance of having this global language becomes crystal clear, which by mastering it, you can communicate your convictions and ideas with ease and flexibility. Increasing your knowledge of this language and its secrets will give you an important step in becoming a “successful personality”.
When you improve the use of the details of this language, you can easily highlight the gestures that indicate the strength of the “personality” and the few gestures of weakness that you can experience at times.
These five skills, if mastered, applied, and trained, can give you a “successful personality”, strong and influential, and enhance your self-confidence, and thus you will become one of the 5% of people who are considered distinguished in society. Raise yourself, the bottom is full.

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