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4 steps to becoming an attractive personality
Learn how to become an attractive personality
Each of us wants to become attractive, and we do not mean attractive in the sense that his features are beautiful, but we mean attractive in his dealings with others, and the desire of others to deal with him always and wherever he goes, he leaves a good trail and love for others. These are several steps that you must follow in order to become an attractive personality.

1- Get rid of some of the attributes:
In order to become a more attractive person, you must get rid of some of the traits that eliminate his personal attractiveness, but rather eliminate the whole personality. These characteristics are: fear, lack of self-confidence, doubt.
Fear: that is, you become afraid of every new experience you enter, or every new person that circumstances force you to deal with, you must be natural and spontaneous and not be afraid of anything.
Lack of self-confidence: It is to convince your subconscious mind that you cannot accomplish anything and this is a mistake. You must be absolutely certain that you are able to accomplish everything that passes you by, and even prove your success in it as well.
Doubt: It is your lack of confidence in the imam, even if he does not show any behavior that makes you begin to doubt him. This is also a mistake for you not to trust the limit of stupidity and do not doubt the limit of murder, for the best of things are the middle ones.
4 steps to becoming an attractive personality

2- Set your tone and choose your phrases:
You must master the art of talking to others, choose your phrases, and control your tongue.
Only good things come out of your mouth, even if you are angry or anger reaches its limits, tell your imam that you are angry and do not want to continue the conversation now until you calm down. Always try to use phrases of praise for your imam, and we do not mean here hypocrisy, but we mean praise, i.e. be tactful in speaking. That is, you feel from your imam that you care about him and admire his personality and actions. Man by nature prefers the person who appreciates him and gives him his right over the person who does not appreciate his value and his work.
4 steps to becoming an attractive personality

3- Master body language and use it:
You must know that body movements called body language are one of the most influential languages
Ali who is your imam and who you talk to and deal with.
For example, if you greet someone, try to greet them warmly, and if you have known this person before, it is preferable to hug him for a few seconds, as this leaves a good impact on the hearts of others. Studies have shown that people who have relationships and friendships use body language and hugs among themselves. More connected than friends who deal coldly with each other.
4 steps to becoming an attractive personality
4- Use the pleasant surprise technique.
Always try to be different from others in some actions and things. If you express to your friends and those you deal with, how much you love them and your desire to consolidate relations with them.
For example, always plan a pleasant surprise for a friend in order to make him realize your feelings towards him, no matter how small the surprise is.
This makes everyone around you look at you as a friendly person and always want to deal with you and thus become a more attractive personality.

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