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How to get into positive energy to our lives?
Research has shown that people who think positively, are optimistic and love life, have a lower risk of heart disease.

Afkar website - he, she and what is between them - about Afkar magazine, issue 21 - written by Rasha Boulos, a social worker - sometimes we say: "Positive thoughts and positive behaviors attract us to a positive and healthy atmosphere." Recent research in the field of energy has proven the importance of releasing psychological stress, anger, depression, fear and violence in improving the health situation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, by acquiring and developing a positive way of thinking.
Research has shown that people who think positively, are optimistic and love life, have a low risk of heart disease. These people also have better mental, physical and nutritional health than people who do not have positive thinking and positive energies, suffer from lower blood pressure and have a healthy body weight.

Energy is an electric current that radiates and fills people with light. Energy comes from the head and heads towards the heart, and therefore affects our psyche and from it to our dealings with people. Research indicates that each of us has multiple energies, but we are not aware of them, and we do not know how to activate them. Therefore, we see many people who wake up in the morning with difficulty or need a lot of sleep, and this is because of the increase in negative energy in their body and psyche. Negative energy is what makes us feel tired and exhausted constantly and does not leave us a place for optimism.
It is important to empty the negative energy in a sports or artistic activity, and this is in order to relieve psychological pressures and leave space to fill the body with positives such as laughter, self-confidence, self-confidence and others...
The way of positive thinking and attracting positive energies affects the soul and body of the individual, family, work and society as a whole, where each of us can learn it, it is not a secret and whoever acquires it will discover a new life and everyone around him will notice the change.
So how do we fill our home with positive energies?
Not giving more importance to matters: β€œEvery pilgrimage has a rise in front of it.”
When faced with a problem, you should think of the solution, not the problem.
There is more than one solution to the same problem.
Believing that your dreams and goals are being implemented.
Believing that we have control over our lives and that our choices have a great influence on them.
Smiling face: It opens many closed doors.
Begin each morning with a relaxing song or a small movement exercise. And do not forget to inhale a lot of air.
Whenever you're at a crossroads, don't get stuck and freeze in place. Decided! Because any choice you make will be under your control and subject to change.
Hang in your homes pictures and objects that arouse joy and hope in you.
It is important to use colors that are characterized by positive energy in painting the house or household tools and others such as: green, yellow, orange, red, white.
Don't keep broken or cracked items at home
In the end, according to the saying: β€œIn this life there is what is worth living.” And to live joyfully, we can gain our health and psyche, and we can develop our family, our children and ourselves on a positive path by simply changing the way we think.

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