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Forty 40 ways to make your life better
1- Allocate 10 to 30 minutes of your time for walking. . and you're smiling
2- Sit silent for 10 minutes a day
3- Allocate 7 hours of sleep per day
4- Live your life with three things: ((energy + enthusiasm + passion))
5- Play fun games every day
8- Spend time with people over the age of 70, and others under the age of 6
9- Dream more while you are awake
10- Eat more of natural foods, and be less on canned foods
11- Drink plenty of water
12- Try to make 3 people smile daily
13- Don't waste your precious time gossiping
14- Forget the topics, and do not remind your partner of mistakes that have passed because they will offend the current moments.
15- Don't let negative thoughts control you..and save your energy for positive things
16- I know that life is a school..and you are a student in it..and problems are mathematical problems that can be solved
17- All of your breakfast is like a king, your lunch is like a prince, and your dinner is like a poor man.
18- Smile.
19- Life is too short..don't spend it hating others.
20- Don't take (everything) seriously.. (be smooth and rational)
21- It is not necessary to win all discussions and arguments.. (Try not to agree with the error)
22- Forget the past with its negatives, so that it does not spoil your future.
23- Do not compare your life with others.. nor your partner with others..
24- The only one responsible for your happiness (it is you!!!
25- Forgive everyone without exception (Forgive me).
26- What other people think about you has nothing to do with you.
28- Whatever the situation is.. (good or bad) trust that it will change.
29- Your work will not take care of you in the time of your illness .. but your friends .. so take care of them
30- Get rid of all things that have no pleasure, benefit, or beauty
31- Envy is a waste of time ((You own all your needs))
32- The best is inevitably coming
33- No matter how you feel.. do not weaken.. rather wake up.. and go..
34- Always do the right thing
35- Always call your parents..and your family
36- Be optimistic.. and happy..
37- I give every day something special and good to others.
38- Keep your limits...
39- When you wake up in the morning... and you are alive.. Praise God for that..

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