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4 steps to turn your goals into results
Steps to turn your goals into results
The decision to take steps in your life comes from acknowledging that there is something you would like to change, whether that change is physical, emotional, mental or practical. Here are the steps to turn the decision into a reality.
1. Decide on the habit or pattern you want to change:
It is important that you understand exactly what you would like to change. Changing your diet, for example, can be taken for several reasons. Just saying that you want to eat healthy is not enough to motivate yourself to change your eating behavior. Set a goal: Do you want to lose weight? How many kilograms will you lose? Do you need a nutritionist?
2. Set a realistic goal:
We are all capable of change, but at a specific time. Respect your abilities and set realistic goals that you can achieve. Don't set goals too high, so you don't feel like a failure. Think about what you can do to make your goal achievable. Perhaps joining a new fitness club in town. Purpose You can use the stairs at work instead of the elevator.
3. Set a timeline:

If you have set a goal that you will meditate every day and read novels, you should set a time for this on the weekend, and determine the time required for it. Define a calendar for these goals, whether daily or weekly, with time according to your needs and capabilities.

4. Being very specific
Be honest with yourself and accurate, and hold yourself accountable. Deal with specialists such as friends, a trusted doctor, a personal trainer, and follow yourself with a continuous calendar to make sure that you were able to achieve each goal in and of itself, even if it is difficult to achieve, you must reduce it to fit your abilities and your daily.

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