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The 90/10 rule can change your life
10/90 . rule
Written by: Stephen Covey
Discover the 90/10 rule
It will change your life (or at least the way you react to events around you)
What is the rule?
10% of your life's events are out of your control.
90% of the events of your life depend on your reactions.
what does that mean ?
It means that 10% of us have no will or control over it. We cannot prevent, for example: - “car breakdown” or “plane delay” from arriving on time and the consequent disruption to our programs.
10% of events or situations are not in our hands, but we are the ones who control the determination of the other 90%.
How can this be?
The answer: our reactions to the events.
Let's illustrate this with an example:
You're having breakfast with your family and your daughter accidentally moves the coffee cup and it falls on a work shirt. Of course, you had no will to prevent what happened.
You scold your daughter for dropping the coffee cup on your shirt, then the little girl bursts into tears, turns to your wife and criticizes her for putting the cup near the edge of the table, followed by a sharp argument, then you rush up the stairs to change your clothes, and then you go down and find that your daughter is late for the school bus because of her crying and late for breakfast and your wife should go Immediately to get her work, and therefore you have to drive your daughter to school and drive your car quickly exceeding your speed limit of 30 or 40 miles per hour and after 15 minutes of delay and a speeding fine of $60 that reaches your daughter’s school and then gets out of the car without hearing the phrase “goodbye” from her.
A day that started miserable, and events unfolded in the same way, then you return home and find your wife and daughter in a very tight state of you.
Why?… Because you didn't react well to what happened in the morning!
Why was your day miserable?
a) Is it the coffee cup?
b) Is it your daughter's fault?
c) Is the reason the traffic officer?
d) Are you the reason?
answer (d)
In fact, you didn't have the will to stop the cup of coffee from falling but the reason lies in your reaction in the next five seconds.
Action that was possible and desirable to take place:
The coffee got your clothes wet and your daughter is about to cry, so you kindly say it's okay "Honey" and I hope you will be more careful in the future. Then you grab his towel and rush upstairs, after changing your clothes and carrying the work bag, you go down and look out the window to watch your child ride the school bus and turn towards you and wave her hand goodbye. You arrive at work 5 minutes late, greet the staff cheerfully, and your manager comments that you had a bright day.
Did you notice the difference?… Why?
The reason is how you reacted or reacted to the event.
You really can't control 10% of events but the rest 90% depends on your reactions.
Here are ways to apply the 10/90% rule:
When someone says or describes you in negative terms, you are not like a sponge. Let the attack flowing like water in the pot. You should not allow negative comments to affect you. Interact with her tactfully and don't let her spoil your day.
His wrong reaction may result in losing a friend, a job, feeling stressed, etc.
How should you react when a traffic jam stops you from moving?
Are you losing your temper?
Do you violently hit the car's steering wheel ?
do you swear
is you blood pressure high?
Do you think of shocking the person next to you?
Who cares about the result of your lateness for 10 seconds from work?
why do you allow the traffic to ruin your day?
Remember the 90/10 rule so don't let these situations worry you.
you were told that you were fired from your job. Why does the event provoke you and lose you to sleep? The crisis has a solution. Direct your time and energy that may be wasted by anxiety to seek and find another job opportunity.
The plane is late and that will confuse your program. Why pour your anger and frustration on the warden lines? And did he have a will in what happened ?
Invest the situation in reading or getting to know some of the travelers with you. why are you strained and make attitude more difficult ?
Now I know the 90/10 rule. Apply it and the results will amaze you and you will not lose anything.
The 90/10 rule is great and its results are incredible, and few of us know and apply it.
Millions of people suffer from undue stress, adversity and problems, and some even have heart attacks. We all should know and apply the 90/10 rule

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