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How to become a positive person
positive personality
A positive personality in life is a loving and attractive personality, because the owner of this character spreads positive energy and optimism in life, which affects his personality, and others as well, and charges them in a constructive manner that pushes them to overcome obstacles, move forward towards achieving ambitions, and not pay attention to back, except to take advantage of what happened, even if it was a bad thing. So, positivity helps a person to build himself and his relationships with others, so building oneself is through self-development through education, work, maintaining health, and religion. The human character was positive, he would not stop at difficulties, but would move forward and nothing would stop him, so how do you become a positive person?
How to have a positive personality
There are several things that may benefit a person wishing to enjoy a positive personality, which are tips that a person should follow, take into account in his personal life and his life with people, and always develop himself on the basis of it, and proceed gradually, until he reaches the desired result, which are as follows:
change the way of thinking
A person who wants to enjoy a positive personality, must first change his way of thinking about life, and try to plant positive thoughts in his mind, and develop them day after day, until they become part of his mentality, and thus this is reflected in all his actions in life, and also affects his nature, and change the characteristics of his personality for the better.
leave sadness
It came in the book (Do not be sad) by Dr. Ayed Al-Qarni saying: “Make a sweet drink from lemon.” This phrase has a wonderful meaning and meaning, in converting losses into profits. If someone gives you a cup of sour lemon, add a handful of sugar to it, and make it A sweet drink, and if someone gives you a snake, take its precious skin and leave the rest, and so on, and then represent the positive meanings of the master of mankind and the great nation of our master Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, as he was expelled from his country and his birthplace of Mecca, and he established in Medina a great state, which became A major capital of the Islamic nation, through which the Islamic religion was spread, and it is still spreading, and the number of entrants to it is increasing until this time.
Boost self-confidence
A person must have confidence in himself, believe in his personality, and that he is a successful person, and that any loss that passes him in his life is nothing but experiences, and experiences that must help him to rise again to achieve the success he seeks, so he does not stop at the losses, but on him stand up again, even if it is necessary to start over from scratch; This is life, and a person only learns from his mistakes, failures, and setbacks, and these are the best meanings of positivity in life, because standing at failure and loss is one of the characteristics of a negative person, who is not confident in himself. Among the phrases that enhance a person’s self-confidence are the following phrases: (I love myself, I admire my personality, I am intelligent, I am successful, I am likable, I can, I am capable, etc.).
Be certain that with hardship comes ease
A person must know that, by God Almighty’s permission, after his hunger he will be satisfied, and after his staying up late he will sleep, and after his illness he will recover, and that the absent will inevitably arrive, and that the lost will be guided, and that the darkness will be cleared, and that the day will be manifested. And that there is a need for safety after fear, and tranquility after fear, and that the best worship of God Almighty is waiting for relief, and that, as the Almighty said: “With hardship comes ease.” (Surat Al-Sharh, Verse: 6).
Believing that the dream will come true
A person must know that nothing is impossible, and that his dreams are possible, and that they must be realized one day, so he must be optimistic and stay away from pessimism, despair, and frustrations, and this is the life of the great people who started from scratch and achieved the impossible, and read the biography of each of them, and contemplate And he contemplates them well, and tries to take them as an example, and follow their example in life, and he will know through that that they have not reached what they are except because they are positive people, who were not stopped by obstacles, whatever they were, in order to achieve their goal, and there is no evidence for that from the biography of the prophets and messengers, and the biography of Companions, biography of scholars, biography of writers, biography of heroes, biography of leaders, and others.
good faith in people
A person has to think well of people, receive their words and actions in a positive way, have a good opinion of them, and do not always doubt others, believing that they like him, or compliment him, or are hostile to him. In his place at every saying, and every situation.
Babysitting positive people
We also mentioned that there are people who spread positive energy, and others spread negative energy, and man, by nature, is affected by those around him from the people he associates with and accompanies them; Therefore, a person has to choose from people who are positive to accompany him and accompany him, in order to help him on the mountain of his positive personality, and to inspire optimism in him permanently and continuously.
The existence of the goal The person should define his goal, or goals in life, which he seeks to reach, so that there is a meaning to his life, because thinking about those goals and trying to reach them, and working on it, is the true meaning of positivity; A positive person in life is an active, energetic, and constantly on the move person who seeks to reach his ambitions despite the obstacles and problems he faces.
Attention to positive health is not only personal, but must also be reflected on the human body. regular exercise, and exercise in general).
communication with people
We talked about the necessity of babysitting positive people, but this does not mean that a person abandons dealing with people, he must be a social person, and communicate with people continuously, so that he knows the types of people And their way of thinking, and distinguishes the good from the bad, and therefore is not surprised by their attitudes and behavior with him in the future, and turns into a negative person who hates people, and is always wary of them. .
contemplate the beauty of life
Let the person reflect on all that is beautiful in this life, and try to turn away from the negative things; A safe life, good health, people’s friendship, the existence of a family, the beauty of nature and the universe all indicate the beauty of the life we live, and that it deserves contemplation and contemplation, and thus the creation of a positive spirit in man.
Devotion to God Almighty
Getting closer to God through acts of worship, through performing the duties and supererogatory deeds, such as prayer, fasting, remembrance of God Almighty always, and turning to Him in supplication, all of this generates in the person reassurance, and lasting comfort, which will be reflected on his personality, and increases his certainty that all things are in the hands of God Almighty, and that God only wants good for him and goodness for himself, and if he does not find that at once, it will become clear to him after a while. In conclusion, I say that the positivity in life is not limited to the self, or the self, but a person must deal with the people around him on this basis. The positive person is positive with himself and with others.

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