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How do you make routine your key to success and achievement?
Many people make the mistake of thinking that routine is always negative, while our greatest accomplishments are when we stick to a firm and precise routine.
In the minds of many, the word routine has been associated with a number of negative things in general. As soon as the word “routine” is mentioned, the meaning of boredom and boredom from repeating the same things daily may come to mind, for example, that slow pace in completing transactions and official papers may come to mind, and in the best case, a person may remember that feeling that he feels at the end of a whole week of work and his eagerness for an end leave the week.

So, for many, the word (routine) is synonymous with negative meanings of boredom, monotony, repetition and habituation. It may be funny to imagine a person talking about the repetitive rhythm of a certain thing in his life, saying: (What a beautiful routine) or (I loved this routine) or (The routine is the secret of my success).

They are all sentences that may sound sarcasm, but they are not really a joke; There are people in our contemporary reality repeating such sentences as an expression of the main role of routine in managing their lives successfully, and even motivating others to adhere to this routine that they praise.

The origin of the word (routine) and its uses
The word “routine” is of French origin, although it was embraced later in the English language also to reach the same meaning. The origin of the word “routine” is Routine, which is a compound of Route, which means the way, and Ine, which refers to the diminutive, and the overall meaning is the small road that we used to take without change since the past and the present and in the future. In the English language, the word means repeating the same thing on a regular, stereotypical and repetitive manner, which is the same meaning that comes to our minds when we hear it in the context of the Arabic language. And here is the most complex comparison between our use of the word and the West’s use of it, and the comparison here is to benefit and to modify some convictions about the things on which our lives are based. However, we may not deal well with them in a way that achieves the improvement and development of this life, and even enjoyment of it as well.

Give yourself a chance to follow some of the leading Western personalities closely, and be it on YouTube or through personal websites and blogs. You will find that they often use the word (routine) frequently and associate it with the tasks and details of their daily lives; When someone begins his day writing tasks and goals for this day, you find someone writing in the division of the day (my morning routine) and then setting his tasks for the morning, or writing his evening routine and setting his tasks for the evening, and so on with the weekly and monthly work things go in the same way.

In managing the house, the lady finds that she arranges and manages her house according to fixed routines; For example, she has a daily cleaning routine that contains specific tasks, and she has a specific daily time that she does not exceed a daily cleaning routine, and a washing routine that specifies a fixed time of the day or week. skin care routine.

Thus, in all the details of life, there is a fixed system for all aspects and for all the details. You may even find someone who owns famous accounts on social media who publishes content to his followers entitled (Create your own routine), and I really believe in the importance of life going according to (the routine), which is For me it means; Order, commitment, and achievement, and the previous examples were given of people who succeeded in running their lives according to a special routine, and in return they obtained a lot of achievements, so I am trying here in this space to reach with the reader a common conviction of the importance of running our lives according to a clear routine, and we agreed at the beginning In the article, the word routine is not necessarily synonymous with boredom and monotony, but let us make it synonymous with achievement and success.

Routine is the friend of achievement and success

If we assume that a person creates his own routine; He set clear tasks for himself and distributed those tasks over the course of his day, then committed to the same tasks daily for a month, for example, emphasizing that after the end of the month he would look at his life and see a large amount of achievements and added value that filled the void of these days. Suppose, for example, that the person sets himself an hour for daily reading, an hour for exercise, and an hour for his favorite hobby and spreads those hours throughout the day and adopts this as a routine for his life.

You can imagine the amount of achievement and added value that he will feel with the passage of days and the passage of months, and then what if this method applies to his whole life; His affairs became arranged in the same manner. Certainly, whoever does that will add to his life many lives; What is our life but our days that we live and every day is an opportunity for addition, success and achievement, but if the days go randomly without organization - or let's say without (routine) - how can we achieve, add and interact with life?

Going back to the word routine; That is, getting used to doing the same thing on a regular basis. We will find from the masterpieces of our religion that the Noble Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, motivated us to get used to this method in our lives; It was mentioned in Sahih al-Bukhari on the authority of the Mother of the Believers Aisha, may God be pleased with her (He was asked, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: Which deeds are most beloved to God?

What does the word “Adomha” mean in the previous hadith? Of course, it is one of permanence, continuity, and doing the same work on a regular and repeated basis without interruption. It was also mentioned in Sahih al-Bukhari on the authority of Aisha, may God be pleased with her, that it was said to her: (Was the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, one of the days? She said: No, it was his work. Dima, and which of you can endure what the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace!).

The word Dima was mentioned in the Lisan al-Arab lexicon in the sense of continual rain in silence. The meaning of the word Dima in the previous hadith is: permanence and continuity, and that is why it was reported from the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, that he would love if he did an action to prove it. Almighty said: (those who swear allegiance to God Evalonk but the hand of God over their hands, it is broken for he renege on himself and fulfilled what he promised God Vsaatah a great reward) conquest (10).

The approach of the companions of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was to adhere to goodness and continue to do it. This Ali ibn Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him, when the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, once taught him a supplication that he would say at night, saying that it is better for you and your husband than a servant: Thirty-three, and Ahmad thirty-three, and takbeer thirty-four, for it is better for you both than a servant. Ali, may God be pleased with him, said, “I have not left it since I heard it from the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace.” It was said to him: Not even on the night of Siffin? (And it is the well-known night on which the war took place), he said: Not even the night of Siffin. I mentioned it at the end of the night, so I said it.

So, persevering in business regularly, continuity and permanence is an inherent principle in our true religion, and it is one of the keys to success, as it adds to us simple achievements that accumulate on a daily basis while practicing a fixed routine to form for us in the end a great achievement and success that we see clearly features after a not long period of time.

Routine, then, has another face that is completely different from the negative face that annoys many, and in my opinion, we must break this negative meaning of the routine that has penetrated the hearts of many, so our regularity in daily life matters or tasks that we perform as a permanent and continuous daily routine does not necessarily mean that we enter into a spiral From boredom and boredom, with a little organization we can manage our day in a way that enables us to invest in it and achieve it without falling prey to boredom. Distribute tasks over the day, take a break between one task and the other, and be keen to innovate in what we do and introduce beloved things such as hobbies and activities into our daily routine, all These are the things that help us keep going and enjoy the positive side of the word (routine).

What do you think now that you grab a small notebook and a pen and start setting your goals, distributing them over the days, and organizing your day effectively, then getting regular and continuing to implement those goals; So you have created your own routine?

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