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How to get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts in 5 step
How to get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts in 5 steps

Are you bothered by frustrating and negative thoughts?
Are you in a state of depression, confusion and fear with great doubt about yourself and your abilities?
  Are you tired of the destructive thoughts that control your mind and your thinking all the time and everywhere and did not know how to get rid of them?

In this post, you will learn how to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones and make yourself in a better psychological state and in a short period of time that does not exceed five minutes, does this concern you? Well, read on to find out how.

In the previous post, we talked about the importance of maintaining motivation in doing things and how, today we will continue to talk about the importance of motivation and keeping your thinking pure and positive free of annoying negative thoughts that make your psychological and mental state at its worst.

Negative thoughts have a great impact on our psyche, our actions, and our lives in general. They make your day bad, your mind tired, and your soul sad and you don't enjoy anything you do. Negativity makes you lose your enthusiasm and motivation and make you feel weak and unable to do anything. You make the simple, easy thing very difficult and complex, you make the possible impossible, and you make the obvious vague. These are the negative thoughts and what they can do to you.

What makes those frustrating thoughts that lead you to failure so powerful is the extent of their abundance and the number of people who transmit them. In society, there are people like insects that transmit negative and frustrating thoughts as microbes and bacteria transmit viruses and diseases, and you find in the newspapers only what frustrates you and the smile goes off your face and in Television through the news bulletins you see and hear only what makes you in a bad mood and makes you think about how to solve the problems of high unemployment and the problem of the increase in crime rates and how the profits of companies have fallen a lot in recent years ... There is nothing happy in this world according to them and you cannot live In better condition and find the hope you are looking for.

Get rid of negative thoughts

Impossible, you can't do it, it's not possible for you.

You don't have to try again, your failure will definitely be the first time.

Forget about this idea, it is stupid and does not deserve you to work for it.

You are just wasting your time, there is nothing you can do to improve your situation, it is done!

Just give up and relax...

Why are you doing all this, don't you think going for something else might be better for you.

Don't you think that reversing your decision will save you time and effort, what you will do is very tiring and dangerous, which is really frightening and cause for concern.

These are some examples of some negative thoughts that come to your mind as soon as you do something or during an experiment that did not go as well as you wanted, or even while you are sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee and thinking with yourself about anything that comes to your mind, you will find an idea Some of these ideas have appeared to spoil your wonderful session.

I wrote these examples in order to have a look at the formula of negative thoughts and what they look like because this is the first thing you have to realize in order to get rid of them, how will you try to expel a negative thought if you are not able to identify it?

How do you know that you are a prisoner of your negative thoughts

The psychological state in which our negative thoughts make us are often the same for everyone, you feel that you are restricted and unable to make a sound decision, you feel that your strength has failed and you cannot get up from your place, you feel as if you are numb, you cannot see and are clearly aware of what Spinning around you, you feel as if time has stopped and you are just waiting for what your thoughts will lead you to after you have given in.

If you let negative thoughts control you, your actions and decisions will become all based on them and not on what is really in your interest and you see fit or not. Your thoughts and fear become the main engine of the piece, for you.

It may prevent you from doing something that is in your best interest and thus prompt you at the same time to do something else that is not in your interest.

How to get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones

You have to prevent negative thoughts from controlling you, try to replace every negative thought with another positive idea that is completely opposite to it, that's all there is to it and here are some steps and ways to help you with that:

Determine what's going on in your head: You have to be alert and alert in order to be able to feel negative thoughts as they appear, in one day we have about 60,000 thoughts, so you can imagine the number of negative thoughts that may come to our mind during one day.

Always keep your thoughts under observation, try to scrutinize what you think, and classify these thoughts according to their type.

Think about positive things: Think about the last time you felt happy and your thoughts were positive and re-imagine those moments in detail, how you were acting, talking, positive thoughts you were thinking and the people you were with…

If you do this way, you will feel the same previous feeling that you experienced in the past, and those negative thoughts will disappear and take their place positive thoughts that are related to what you imagined and recalled from your beautiful memories.

Think of anything you love that you think will make you feel happy and happy.

Look to the future positively: After the second step, you should have gotten rid of negative thoughts, even if a little, and now you have to support your positive feeling with other, more positive and optimistic thoughts, and here you have to look at your failure or what your negative thoughts were telling you as a lesson to learn from and then forget it completely and Start by looking to the future.

For example, you can replace “I’m really a failure, I couldn’t do it well” with something like “Well, it’s true that I didn’t succeed this time but I learned a lot and I won’t repeat the same mistakes next time, I’m sure I will succeed, so that’s how we proceed And we're getting better anyway."

Do not prepare to think about the negative matter again, for what has passed has passed and there is no point in going back to it except to take a lesson and benefit from mistakes, and otherwise it is a waste of time and effort.

And what if you want to start your own startup and I tell you that 96% of startups fail within their first 10 years and only 4% of them continue after that period, surely negative thoughts will start circulating around you “what makes you think you are going to be one of the That 4%, forget the idea, you will surely fail.” But here you can replace it with “What if you succeed?” What would my life be like if I became one of those 4%, that's great, I'd have done something really great that no one else could have done."

Learn to think about the pros and cons, not just the cons.

Move on to something else: Try to do something that has nothing to do with those negative thoughts, for example, exercise, go out for a walk with your friends, or watch a funny video, this reduces pressure on you and reduces the negative thoughts that come to your mind.

Forget about the negatives: Don't look at the negatives too much. Don't just read the bad, frustrating news that quenches the resolve, but read the good, happy and encouraging news. Don't look at things from one side, because everything has its negatives and positives.

Instead of listening to a friend of yours who is a failure and encouraging you to fail, read a successful personal story that started from scratch and reached great success, this will make you think in a positive way and realize that in every problem there is an opportunity that is just waiting for you to find and seize it.


Learn not to let negative thoughts control you and try to expel every negative thought with a positive one and give great value to the positive thoughts that you enter into your mind so that negative thoughts cannot reappear. If a positive idea is absent, there will be a negative thought for sure.

When you give priority to positive thoughts, you find yourself developing and progressing well without realizing and achieving things that you did not think you could achieve, and this is all because of your different way of thinking.

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